Take Charge

There are many things you can do to help improve your mood. Evidence supports the use of Cognitive Behavioral tools, journaling, tracking your mood, and receiving weekly tips and encouragement. For a quick overview of Take Charge, watch this video.

Cognitive Behavior Tools (CBT)

CBT is a skills based- approach that has been widely demonstrated to help improve depression. These online tools are designed to introduce you to the basic concepts of CBT and to give you tools to help address your depression.

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These informative and entertaining podcasts will help you to learn more about depression and help you with ideas and tips for addressing your depression

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Benefits of Registering with Us

When you choose to register with us you will have access to system specific benefits that unregistered users don’t such as:

  • A stored journal that allows you to look back on previously entered items
  • Access to data associated with the Mood Tracker that will allow you to monitor your mood over time
  • The ability to receive the weekly eCouragement

When you register with us your data is secure and never given to any other third-party.

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Keeping a journal is a great way to help you begin to deal with and understand life’s challenges. The benefits of journaling for people who battle depression are well-established and this tool will give you an easy way to begin.

Mood Tracker

Learning to understand and monitor how your thinking and behavior impacts your mood throughout the course of a day, week, or longer can help you to make decisions that will help your depression.

Weekly eCouragement

Each week you will receive reminders, tips, or thoughtful quotes designed to help you in your fight against depression.