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In this section you can chat with or leave a message for one of our peer volunteers. These are all men who have experienced depression and they are ready to help you navigate this site and provide you with support.

You can begin by reading the bios of the volunteers or narrow your search for a peer based on his age, relationship status, whether or not he has children, or if he has served in the military. Once you find a peer you wish to connect with you can chat directly with him if he is online or leave a message.

For a quick overview of Chat Now, watch this video.


Mark M

Age: 53

Mark is the Founder and Executive Director at Face It. Mark battled depression and anxiety for many years all along refusing to admit it or get help. Ultimately Mark’s unwillingness to seek help nearly cost him his life in the [...]

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Bill D

Age: 57

Bill is the Director of Operations at Face It. Bill has had his own battles with depression which at times have caused him to withdraw from the activities he likes and isolate himself from family and friends. Through his experiences [...]

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Dan F

Age: 62

Dan is a dad, a husband, and a school teacher. About fifteen years ago, Dan’s life was going along pretty much the way he expected it to.  However, over time he found himself struggling to be engaged with his wife [...]

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